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If I do the Dry Mouth Challenge am I required to make a donation?
No, although we would love it if you did, by participating in the challenge and sharing it online you are bringing awareness to the world water crisis.
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Where will the money raised during Dry Mouth Challenge go?
All funds collected during the challenge will be used to build water wells and toilets for the South Sudanese people who are currently staying in refugee camps in Lamwo, Uganda. For more information please visit
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Is my donation tax deductable?
Yes, Drop in the Bucket is a registered 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization. You will be sent a receipt with your donation. Our EIN# is 20-5560045.
How much of the donations go directly to the cause?
When running an organization that has a large program on the ground in several developing countries, there will always be expenses. We keep our overhead expenses to a minimum so that as much of the money raised as possible goes directly to programs on the ground. On average between 76% and 87% of all money raised goes directly to our projects in Africa.
How will my donations be spent?
Your donation will be spent on building wells and sanitation systems as well as facilitating programs that promote health, sanitation and community involvement in maintaining the wells. A minimal percentage of your donation may be used to cover operation costs such as printing, web posting, staff salaries and transportation in Africa, but this is unavoidable with any organisation where the majority of its work happens in the developing world.
How much experience does Drop in the Bucket have implementing projects?
Drop in the Bucket has been working in East Africa since 2006 and has completed more than 350 water and sanitation projects.
Has Drop in the Bucket been rated by Charity Navigator?
In order to be rated by Charity Navigator, the organization must raise ovre one million dollars per year. Drop in the Bucket raised $850,000 last year, but we are hoping to reach a million dollars this year and once that happens we will ask them to rate us. We do however have reviews on the Great Non-Profits website that you can check out.
Anything else I should know before doing the challenge?
Please remember to be safe while performing the challenge. Anyone participating in the challenge does so at their own election and at their own risk.
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