The Dry Mouth Challenge (#DryMouthChallenge) is a new initiative by the Los Angeles-based non-profit Drop in the Bucket where participants experience what it's like to need water for just 30 seconds to raise awareness for the 663 million people in the world who have never had a glass of clean water.
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The Organization - Drop In The Bucket

Drop In The Bucket is a non-profit organization that builds wells and sanitation systems at schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa to enable youth to fully harness the life-changing power of an education. Since 2016, Drop in the Bucket has completed more than 350 wells in sub-Saharan Africa. DROP is currently working at the Palabek refugee settlement, alongside Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross and UNHCR, where over 31,000 South Sudanese nationals have fled famine and conflict in their homeland to start new lives in Uganda.

How You Can Help

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We are asking you to give less than a minute of your time to help refugees in Uganda get clean water. Make a video of yourself eating 3 crackers (Saltines or any other kind of cracker will do) in under 30 seconds and challenge three friends of yours to do the same. If you didn’t finish the challenge (eat all 3 crackers) you can make a donation. The suggested donation is $30 (10 for each cracker that you didn’t finish.)

Video Sample

Sample Tweets:
  1. 663Million don't have clean water, so I'm taking the @DropInTheBucket #DryMouthChallenge. @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 drymouthchallenge.com
  2. 3 crackers, 30 seconds, no water! @DropInTheBucket #DryMouthChallenge. I challenge @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 next! drymouthchallenge.com
  3. I'm taking the @DropInTheBucket #DryMouthChallenge & donating to help 663Million people who don't have clean water! drymouthchallenge.com
  4. I'm taking the @DropInTheBucket #DryMouthChallenge. Go to drymouthchallenge.com to learn why. I challenge @friend1 @friend2 @friend3

The money raised from this initiative will be used to provide clean water to these refugee families in crisis.

For more information on Drop in the Bucket’s work please visit our website www.dropinthebucket.org

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